How To: Make a diaper wreath for a baby shower

Make a diaper wreath for a baby shower

Notthecoolmom gives a craft lesson on how to make a diaper wreath for a baby shower. To make the wreath you will need the following materials: a package of 56 size 1 diapers (preferably with a design of some kind), a Styrofoam wreath, a spool of ribbon, and rubber bands (optional). Start by laying your diapers around the wreath to get an idea of spacing. Be careful not to make your wreath too full. You don't have to use all of the diapers it depends on the size of your wreath. To put the diapers on the wreath, begin by opening up the diaper and stretching the diaper but not too much so it can be used. Next, fold it in half long ways and feel to find the side that doesn't have a soft part, this will be the front. Loop the diaper around the wreath with the top of the diaper pointing outward. Then take a foot and a half long ribbon and tie it as tight as you can around the diaper to secure it and make a knot. To make it easier, you can use rubber bands to secure it first, but you don't have to. Repeat this for each diaper on the wreath. Try not to leave huge gaps between diapers where you can see Styrofoam. Be careful not to do too much sliding so you don't damage the wreath or the diapers. Once you have secured all of the diapers on the wreath you can begin curling the ribbon (you can cut it to different lengths for different sized curls). Take a pair of scissors and open them up. Then take blade on the right and place the piece of ribbon on top and pull it at an angle. Make sure you don't pull it too tight because the ribbon can break. You may have to try it more then once to get them to curl. Another idea that she gives is to leave some ribbons uncurled so you can tie a decoration to the wreath to hang in the middle (like the first letter of the child's name). Then after the decoration is secured you can curl the ends. Now your wreath is ready!!

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