How To: Construct a beautiful flower and bow diaper cake

Construct a beautiful flower and bow diaper cake

This video is a tutorial on how to make a diaper cake. The cake is not edible. To begin, you will need a pack of diapers and rubber bands. Roll up the diapers from the waist down and secure them with the rubber bands. Put several rubber bands around a bottle of wine and secure the diapers in tiers around the bottle of wine. Cover each tier with tissue paper before adding the next one. Wrap each tier in blankets. Top off the cake with a can of formula wrapped in a decorate blanket. At this point, you can decorate the cake with ribbons, pacifiers, clothes, flowers, and bows.

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Overkill, defeats the purpose in it being a diaper cake, too much drama/instructions and too much fiddly bits. Would you not have felt more inclined to make a gift basket with the amount of items used opposed to cramming and packing it all on top to make a diaper cake?

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